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Hey! Who's Doin' the Work Anyway?

K Mita

Owner and Doin'er

Former, but always, IT guy turned gunsmith.

Graduated from Colorado School of Trades as a Gunsmith.


Born and raised a New Yawker and I lived there until it was time to trade in tall buildings for tall mountains. Thankfully I found this terrific little town of Ennis, Montana and decided that opening a gunsmithing shop would be a great idea. (Much thanks to the great people at Shedhorn Sports for the encouragement.)


Probably not a big shocker but as a NY'er, my shooting opportunities were extremely limited. It's tough to get your hands on firearms in the BIG city. I am thankful to attest that it wasn't all doom and gloom. Amazingly enough, my Junior High and High School had a rifle team where I got to shoot competitively and be a team captain. My first and only rifle I owned at the time was an Ultra Match Anshutz target rifle. All of this was kind a of a big deal with parents that came from Japan, a country where it is extremely difficult to own firearms. Despite this, they encouraged it because they thought it would give me discipline and purpose. They were right! As the old story goes, sadly, I sold the rifle and regret it every day! Since becoming a Montanan, I have gotten my mitts on a few (ahem) firearms and enjoy shooting as often as possible.


As part of wanting to excel in the shooting sports, I became a certified NRA Instructor in several disciplines. I figured if I could become good enough to teach it, I should be able to shoot better! But training never ends and I get opportunities to be schooled whenever time allows it.


Finally, stepping back in time, I worked at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC for 13 years in a number of different roles managing technology and people. While spending a lot of time in the galleries and working directly with many artists, I was able to develop an eye for for fine art and be extremely discerning of quality. Today, I get to apply my appreciation for art to my exacting standards of creativity with my Cerakote applications. If you want awesome and the most consistent and reliable finish, BRG is the only place to go.

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