EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY : We are no longer accepting Gunsmtihing work. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We will be accepting custom Pistol and Rifle work on a case by case basis only. PLEASE CALL or EMAIL in advance.


We are general gunsmiths that can accept a wide range of work for your firearm needs. We are an authorized dealer for many different parts as well. We use only quality parts from reputable brands because we know that being cheap up front will cost a lot more down the road.



Our most popular service is the DCOA, which stands for Disassemble, Clean, Oil, and Assemble. We find that most guns that have "sticking" issues and feeding problems just require a hard core bath. So this is the best place to start.


When we say Disassemble, unlike other shops that just give you a basic cleaning by dunking whole assemblies into a sonic cleaner, we actually strip the entire gun down by removing every part that we can and then clean each and every screw, spring, and so on. It's an intensive process but it's the only way we can  guarantee that your gun will be returned to you completely clean and functioning smoothly.

On average, most DCOA's are $80. But if your gun is particularly dirty or showing signs of rust, we will add a little bit more for the extra time and attention your firearms needs. We use SLiP's Extreme Weapons Grease or Extreme Weapons Lube exclusively.


The services below are just samples to get an idea of our pricing. Please stop in or call for more detail on your specific needs.


General shop rates

Labor - $80/HR (1/2 hour minimum of $40 applies to all job requests.)


Semi-AutoTrigger and Revolver Action Work

All friction parts are meticulously polished so it feels silky smooth.

We are proud to offer, Apex Tactical, Powder River, and Ranger Proof Swag trigger kits for your M&P, XD/XD(m), and Glock.

In most cases, we will upgrade your springs to Wolff Gunsprings.

We will slick up your action and make certain that you get a nice clean break.

Weight will depend on your tastes and needs.


We also exclusively use Wolff Springs for our Revolver Action Work.


Machining (Mill and Lathe)

Most jobs are $90/hr

Threading for Muzzle Brake - $110

Threading for Timed Muzzle Brake - $125



Mounting scope and laser boresighting - $35

Lapping Rings - $40

Hunter Package (Lap Rings, Mount Scope, Laser Boresight) - $70



Please check out our CERAKOTE link above to see detailed pricing.

Texturing (Stippling) and Undercut.

I specialize in grip texturing. I have 5 patterns to choose from but my "SnakeSkin" texture is the most popular. It is aggressive enough to keep wet hands firmly on the gun but not so aggressive that it will by uncomfortable for soft hands or against your skin for Inside the Waistband carry.

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our product offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us at tel : 406.682.4540, email :, or use our contact form.

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